“Cabin Fever Series”, Kinetic & Moving Art

by admin | February 15, 2018 5:14 pm

103 Artisans Marketplace is pleased to announce our newest “Cabin Fever Series”, Kinetic & Moving Art, featuring the Art of Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr. Robert is a VT Artist: painter, book illustrator, art educator and political cartoonist. His cartoon strip can be seen on Seven Days a weekly news/ website, “Mr. Brunelle Explains.” Robert has been exhibiting his paintings since 1978 and is the Vice President of the Northern Vermont Artist Association and a retired Art Teacher at Browns River Middle School. He is also a charter member of the Vermont Comic Creators Group.

Roberts’ kinetic arts are colorful, whimsical and reminiscent of “Tinker Toys”. Created with wooden gears, beads, dowels, and more, these are fun and entertaining for all ages. These can be spun or cranked or manually turned. Stop in for a demonstration of these colorful creations!

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