Springfield’s Machine Tool Shops and Countryside Photograph Exhibit

by admin | January 6, 2018 5:40 pm

VAULT is pleased to announce that a collection of Joe Tantillo’s Springfield photographs, Springfield’s Machine Tool Shops and Countryside, is now on special exhibit and for sale. Joe Tantillo’s graphic design work led him into the world of digital photography and that expanded his vision of the world. He creates abstracts using layers of photographic images and says that this exploration of the inner and outer world is an “exhilarating experience”. Many will remember Joe Tantillo who lived in Springfield some years ago and highlighted Springfield’s history and landscapes in his photographs. Three of his large photographs have been on permanent view on the outside wall of the Huber Building, in the Alleyway just outside Gallery at the VAULT. VAULT, a Vermont State Craft Center showing the work of 160 artists, is open from Tuesday through Saturday, 11-5.

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