Healthy Wealthy Connected


211 Main Street

Ludlow, VT

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HWC is an effort to address the big bullet items in our lives to simply live awesome.  We believe that you can fit almost everything in life into one of these three categories.

Healthy includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Wealthy is being on top of your finances and focusing on the fundamentals of building and maintaining wealth.

Connected touches on our relationships with family, friends, community, country universe and spirit.

If one of these areas is off, it impacts the other two – but more importantly, if one area is improved, it enhances the other two.
For example, improving your finances will reduce stress and allow you to be healthier and strengthen your relationships.

This is what we are shooting for.  Getting after what is meaningful in our lives – with discipline -everyday – with the mission of being our best in order to help others be their best – and live awesome!


Healthy Wealthy Connected
211 Main Street
Ludlow, VT

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