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OVRCC Marketplace Monthly Raffle

Enter multiple times each month to win a $50 Cash Reward!

Eligibility:  This monthly raffle is managed by the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce and is open to all Vermont Residents. Limited to a single winner each month. OVRCC chamber staff and board members are not eligible.

How to participate: Shop locally from any business listed in OVRCC Marketplace and post a shout-out to the business or a personal review, along with a copy of the sales receipt from that month, on OVRCC chamber’s FB page here. Each new sales receipt and corresponding post qualifies you for an additional entry in the raffle. Drawing for each calendar month will be held in the subsequent month.

Claiming the reward: Winner will be announced on the chamber’s Facebook page. Participants are encouraged to like/follow the chamber’s Facebook page and check for the winner announcement each month. Winner may claim the reward by emailing contact@sharedmall.com and providing their (1) Full name, (2) physical mailing address and (3) phone number within 15 days from the announcement on chamber’s Facebook page. SharedMall will subsequently mail out a check to the mailing address that was provided.

Disclaimer: By participating you are giving the chamber and SharedMall permission to publish your name and reward details on relevant promotional material, including on public Facebook pages. The chamber and SharedMall reserve the right to resolve any potential conflicts in their own discretion and edit the rules or terminate the raffle anytime in the future.

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Testimonial on OVRCC Marketplace: 

” We have been using Shared Mall for our business since it has been offered.  Most at first would think a pie shop using an online cart, is that necessary?  Well, after I found out about it, I took advantage of the offer to make our website more user friendly for orders and to view our products better, as well.  Our customers can now look at our site and order our pies right from the website.  I set it up with Jatin so customers can just order pies for either pick-up or shipping with a few clicks.   This addition to our site has increased our sales all throughout the year, especially when holidays come around. It has become such an asset and we get so many order that I have to temporarily shut down the option due to too many orders.

Jatin and Shared Mall are so great that if you even have an idea of how it can help you, he will turn that idea into a reality.  Recently, I emailed Jatin with an idea about a pie subscription club with discounts for subscribers, to see if it’s possible to make that happen through Shared Mall and within hours he responded with a way to do it.  Now I’m working on adding that feature to our Shared Mall, as well.

Some may think  Shared Mall is an online cart for their website, so it’s probably difficult setting it up, maintaining it and something they don’t have time for, but everyone should give it a chance.  You will be very surprised.”

The Southern Pie Company




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