How to Accelerate Your Business Success with the Chamber of Commerce

How to Accelerate Your Business Success with the Chamber of Commerce

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Chamber of Commerce?’

  • Status
  • Business Networking
  • Cost
  • Revenue
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Historical

Whatever comes to mind, in this post, I am going all-out with an in-depth explanation of exactly what the Chamber is, what they do, what is costs, the benefits of being a member of your Chamber, along with how to get started.

What isn’t covered in this post really isn’t worth knowing!

What is The Chamber of Commerce?

The US Chamber of Commerce is the largest Business organization in the world. It represents more than 3 million businesses across a broad range of sectors and sizes. They have been in existence for over 100 years, representing the needs and demands of their members and business in general.

In its simplest form, it is a network of people who are in business who have a joint collective goal to further improve or enhance the business economy in the area of operation. If you want to have your say in things that will often affect your business and potentially some of your customers too, then getting involved in your local chamber is a great way to do this, while meeting like-minded individuals and boosting the exposure of your business all at the same time.

What Does the Chamber of Commerce Actually Do?

The three core functions of the Chamber of Commerce are to Advocate, Lead and Create a Community of resources for businesses of all sizes throughout America.

Joining your Chamber can benefit both you and your business phenomenally. If you’re thinking about the time commitment and your already tightly-packed schedule, then read on to see for yourself just how beneficial joining your local chamber can be.

How Can I Benefit from Joining the Chamber of Commerce?

I am going to start with a statistic, and not just because I love data and statistical information is one of my ‘things.’  According to a study, consumers are more likely to think favorably about a company that is a member of the Chamber, and more importantly, they are 63% MORE LIKELY TO BUY products or services from you. So, now that I have got your attention, I will continue with the extensive range of benefits that you can reap if you join the Chamber today.

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  • Credibility

I have already touched on this point in the intro but to emphasize this point again. Your business will appear more credible to your customers and future customers with a membership. By joining the Chamber, you are giving yourself another channel for success and customers online who see this are more likely to buy from you as a trusted member of this network.

  • Marketing and Promotions

Joining the Chamber will open up a whole new world of marketing and promotional opportunities for your business. From network marketing, free promotion amongst members to paid sponsorship packages that run alongside major initiatives or events. There are monthly, and annual awards, social media channels, newsletters and even printed marketing literature that will be produced on a regular basis. If you launch a new product or reach a milestone, the great news is that the Chambers are always looking for news-worthy stories to promote to their community.

  • Resources and Discounts

Being a member of the Chambers of Commerce will give you instant access to a wealth of business resources. Each chamber will offer different benefits and discounts that are either relevant to their members or their locality.

  • Networking and Relationships

You will increase your local and national business networks. Some of the other members could be potential customers. You get the opportunity to meet and converse with a huge range of professionals that you may not have otherwise has the opportunity to meet.

  • Improved Public Confidence

Being present and active can help to give your business an improved public perception, and this doesn’t just apply to being seen by members of the Chamber. Your participation in Chamber events will help to enhance your overall credibility as an individual and not just as a business owner.

  • Training

Regardless of your training budget, the Chambers will give you a relatively low-cost way to bridge any gaps and help you to get access to expert training through membership. Based on feedback from members, the expert speakers that are provided at an event or who publish articles that appear in newsletters and emails deliver invaluable information. The Chambers also provide access to free training seminars that occur throughout the year.

What Are the Average Costs?

The Cost to join the Chamber of Commerce is indicative of your business size and the number of staff you have in your business. For most small businesses, they will fall into an annual fee of $278 for the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Compare this to any small business advertising costs and even at the lower levels, the potential return on investment is huge, both with reach and results.

Being active in Chamber Committees

Chamber of CommerceAs with everything in life, you get out what you put in. You can truly reap the rewards of belonging to your local chamber by becoming active in committees or even by applying to become a member of the board.

There are so many different ways you can become an active member of your chamber.        By choosing a committee of interest, you will often get to know of any changes or developments first hand, before many others. When you are an active member, your exposure, credibility, and development will all be boosted. Each Chamber will have their own group of committees, all you need to do is decide which ones are meaningful to you, and join.

The fundamental goal of your local Chamber of Commerce is to help their businesses and individual members to grow and be more successful.  Without a doubt, the impact that a chamber membership can have on a Small Business is greater than that of a larger corporation, and there are no doubts whatsoever about the extensive benefits that joining can offer to both yourself individually and your business on the whole.

Check out how other Chambers are promoting the benefits of Chamber Membership:


A chamber is just one small business marketing technique used in modern-day small business marketing.  I can help you explore this and other business networking strategies as part of your business plan.

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