Improving the efficiency of your lighting is one of the best ways you can save on energy costs. energy-efficient LEDs last up to 50,000 hours, generate less heat and give better-quality light than older technologies.

Switch frequently used lights fast.

The biggest return on LEDs comes from lighting that’s always (or frequently)on for example your exterior lights.

Look at cooler and display lighting.

Because LEDs generate less heat, refrigerated display and other climate-controlled spaces will not have to work as hard at cooling.

Consider the benefits of better lighting.

Replacing dim yellow or flickering lights with high-quality LEDs boosts employee productivity customer comfort and product appeal.

Choose your color and ambiance.

LEDs offer a wide range of color temperatures from cool to warm and are well suited to both directional and dimming applications.

Match the light to the task.

LEDs come in many styles and can be used anywhere showroom floors freezer cases office task lamps overhead fixtures and exterior lots.

Add controls and sensors.

Lighting controls and sensors save you money by automatically turning of lights when they’re not needed.

Upgrade tube fluorescents.

Switch to high-performance t8 fluorescents or even better convert existing fixtures to accept liner LEDs.

Make use of natural light.

If it make sense for you budget and space add skylights and daylighting controls that adjust interior light levels based on available daylight. For more business lighting solutions contact Efficiency Vermont’s customer support team. Efficiency Vermont advances sustainable energy solutions for all vermonters through education service and incentives. Contact us at 888-951-5990 or to learn more.

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